Technology is evolving. Make sure your business and customers are evolving with it.

The satisfaction of your customers, and ultimately, the success of your business relies on your ability to provide payment processing that is uninterrupted and safe from security breaches.  As a total POS solutions provider, we work to ensure that this is easier than ever for you to provide.  We make it our goal to find all of the ways we can make things better and less stressful for you.

Whether it’s providing call center support or even developing new equipment box inserts, we’ll take care of all your POS terminal needs, and then some, with the highest quality and attention to detail.

  • Guaranteed access to the latest technology and top brands
  • Complete online visibility
  • Customized packaging for your brand
  • Secure and safe storage

You can guarantee that your merchants have the devices and accessories they need without the hassle of acquiring and storing them on your own. CDE will even guarantee that your merchants are protected with the latest in encryption and other payment technology. With our online customer portal, you can maintain visibility and constant access to your entire inventory.

  • Simple customized menu builds
  • Hardware and application training
  • Automated status reports and updates
  • Merchant installation support

Your merchants will be prepared to operate their new POS equipment shortly after their packages arrive. With full menu build services and dedicated call center support, CDE makes sure that set up is easy and transactions can start happening right away.  From the time your merchants receive their equipment in packaging that represents your brand, they’re provided a quality experience that leaves a great first impression of your business and services.

  • 24/7 support
  • Equipment/software specific help
  • Unbranded or branded options
  • Flexible billing options

Your merchants deserve the best in technology and experience.  CDE will ensure that no merchant is left unable to process payments with our unbranded 24/7 call center support team.  You can guarantee that your business’ reputation is always in good hands with our help desk solutions. From new device set up, to ordering replacement devices, our call center team is prepared to handle all your merchants’ needs.

  • Environmentally friendly equipment recycling
  • OEM warranty management
  • Comprehensive repairs
  • Monitored chain of custody

Your point of sale estate will need support throughout the lifetime of your devices, not just when they are first entering the field.  Whether your merchants need repairs or replacements, CDE ensures that down time is minimized.  Throughout the lifecycle of your inventory items, you have the opportunity to maintain complete visibility.  CDE also guarantees that the integrity of the data in every device is upheld and sensitive information is never compromised while equipment is in our facility at any point.