Deliver the Ideal Payments
Experience in Any Environment...


As one of the first P2PE validated
& PCI compliant key injection facilities...

CDE ensures your merchants’ transactions are secure as possible, no matter where they begin.


Reduce the complexity of
providing payments service...

by leveraging our relationships and integrating with both open and closed-loop solutions.


Minimize the time from equipment
delivery to first transaction...

with seamless activation solutions that ease the common friction experienced when adopting new payment technology.

One Centralized Location for
Your Payment Integration Solutions.

We make access easy for all your payment integration, deployment, key
injection, and activation needs. Our proprietary portal is built to support product
configurations for a wide range of merchant types and payment needs, including:


Specialty Retail
SMBs & Major Chains






And More

We're Not Afraid to
Think Outside of the Box...

Our partnerships throughout the payments ecosystem have allowed us to find new ways to navigate the complexity of providing the solutions that merchants demand.

Web – Based Configuration
Certification & Management

Ensure your complex POS and payments solutions are programmed and assembled correctly every time with our proprietary online platform. Once a hardware, software, gateway, and key injection configuration is certified by our team, ordering that combination again is simple.

Omnichannel Payments Enablement

We can not only integrate your solution bundles with your preferred payments providers; we can also leverage our own [PayPath] to ensure you can process, analyze, and distribute payments quickly and securely.

Activation & Merchant Support

Get your merchants to their first transactions faster with our dedicated call center team to make set up, activation, and training calls on your company’s behalf.

Asset Management & Deployment

Take advantage of our facility for your inventory management, storage, packaging, and full solution deployment. Our team is equipped to handle your entire solution set, from mobile card readers to unattended kiosks. We’ll even guarantee your merchants recognize your brand with customized packaging.

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