No technology is flawless and we realize that there will be times when your customers’ equipment needs maintenance or to be replaced.

CDE does more than just repair equipment. We completely remanufacture it, inside and out. What does that mean? When equipment arrives at CDE, each unit is completely disassembled and every measurable component is tested. Any failed or wearable parts identified during the diagnostic phase are replaced with new pieces. We believe this is why CDE has one of the lowest warranty return rates in the industry.

Detailed inspection

We’ve become a leader in POS terminal repair for a reason.  Our attention to detail ensures that all of your devices will not only be repaired, but restored as close to new as possible.

Complete visibility

We want to keep you 100% informed about the status of all of your devices.  Our online customer portal allows you to know what units are being repaired and when.  This way, you maintain control without the headache of managing the process.

Fast turnaround

Whenever we receive a POS terminal to be repaired, we ensure that the merchant is quickly supplied with a device so that they aren’t left unable to accept payment and conduct business.

Cost effective

We provide equipment repair and remanufacturing for a wide variety of POS devices for a great price.  This eliminates the cost of you hiring repair people, and even investing in the spare parts you may need.