Let CDE manage deployment and retrieval of equipment and supplies for your company or merchant base. CDE deployment and retrieval customers can send repair instructions, track orders and shipments, and analyze trends using a secure customer login and password. We process orders quickly and precisely, ensuring that you or your customers receive replacement equipment usually within 24 hours.

With CDE, you can eliminate the time and expense involved in maintaining an expensive spares inventory in-house. We can maintain your spares at our headquarters or fill your deployment orders from our spares inventory. All equipment that we retrieve will be completely remanufactured and placed back into your spares inventory to await future deployment.

Same day shipping

CDE processes orders with unmatched speed and precision to ensure your customers aren’t left unable to do business.  Whether it’s a new machine or a replacement for a flawed one, we’ll get the order out within 24 hours.

Reliable reporting

Our online customer portal was developed to allow you complete visibility into your entire inventory, including the status of any deployment or retrieval orders.  This technology eliminates the hassle of monitoring these things yourself.

Complete programming

Every device we send out to your customers will be programmed with all of the correct software and security features to minimize the time between the arrival of their POS equipment and accepting their first payments.

Custom package inserts

CDE can increase your deployment success and reduce your help desk load by the use of in-house produced custom installation guides.  These in-box materials ensure your customers can have their POS terminal up and running in no time.