“As CDE enters its third decade in business, we continue to develop innovative processes and procedures that make us an industry leader in outsourced service and support for business critical electronics.

  • CDE was the first in color coding POS equipment, cables and power packs, eliminating the guess work when installing terminals at merchant locations.
  • CDE patented a bar code overlay that easily detached from the backing, a simple gesture that meant time savings for deployment personnel.
  • CDE is one of the only shops using laser welding technology to repair print heads that others deemed beyond repair, saving customers the expense of new print heads in some models.
  • In 2008, CDE invested in a TG-3 audited encryption room, offering the highest level of encryption services to customers who need to bring their POS equipment into compliance with PCI and triple DES data security standards.

CDE employs a talented group of hard working people who make quality and customer service our top priorities. If you are a current CDE customer, we thank you for your business and ask you to keep letting us know how we can help. If you’re not working with CDE, we invite you to contact us and discover the CDE difference.”

Joseph A. Barna



Before founding CDE Services out of his garage in 1989, Joseph Barna worked as both a Field Service Engineer and Field Service Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation in Atlanta.  His business-savvy mind paired with his interest in technology gave him the idea to create CDE Services, a company that would provide POS terminal repair services at a great price to businesses that relied on successful electronic payment processing.

Over the course of the past 26 years, Joseph has grown CDE into the leader in the payment processing terminal repair business and continued to expand the business into a full POS terminal solutions provider.  Today, he remains the CEO of CDE, and oversees the executive team as they continue to lead the day to day operations.