Our History

CDE Services Inc. was founded in Joseph Barna’s garage in 1989, when electronic processing was still a new and innovative way for merchants to accept credit card payments. At that time, companies offering electronic credit card processing had to rely on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to repair a broken piece of equipment and order supplies. Mr. Barna saw a window of opportunity to not only build his business, but to make an impact on the industry.  CDE developed an efficient, assembly line repair process that decreased the cost of POS equipment repairs. As the market for refurbished units grew, CDE’s repair process evolved into a system for creating high quality, reliable and affordable remanufactured units.

Today, CDE’s legacy business continues to repair and remanufacture equipment, but we’ve expanded our service offerings to include a full range of equipment management services as well as new equipment sales.  The company’s evolution has continued over time in response to the constant changes in the payments landscape.  Now celebrating over 25 years in business, CDE continues to provide the highest quality in equipment and services.

Our Mission

CDE aims to eliminate the struggles involved in obtaining, storing, deploying, and maintaining POS equipment and accessories to provide the peace of mind needed to operate and grow a successful business in a world of ever changing technology and demands.

Our People

We asked our customers what they liked best about working with CDE.  They told us that beyond the high quality solutions and products we provide, they’re most impressed with our organization of great people who guide them to success, every step of the way.  Your business is unique and so are your needs.  We take pride in our team full of experts that are dedicating to serving your business with the upmost care and attention to detail.  When you work with CDE, you’re working with a company that truly works to see you succeed.